Being Intentional in Life

Hello!! My name is Janey Walquist, and I am a Junior Elementary Education major. I got the privilege of traveling to Portland, OR this last week. There are still many things about the trip that I am processing. It was a trip full of conversations and activities that helped to create deep meaning in relationships … Continue reading Being Intentional in Life


A Day for Reflection and then a lot of Hard Work. (But totally worth it).

Introduction Hey! My name is Molly Weyer, and I’m a freshman. I’m technically and undecided major, but to spare myself from the agonizing questions of “what are you interested in?” or “have any ideas?” I tell people I’m a psychology major. So, to get right to the point, why would a psychology major want to … Continue reading A Day for Reflection and then a lot of Hard Work. (But totally worth it).

Division and Examination

Hello, all! My name is Sally Nelson and I am a first-year student at Concordia College. I am planning on majoring in Biology and Psychology, and minoring in Chemistry. I initially became interested in the trip because of a class I was taking with Dr. Steinwand about the oil culture in America, and really, materialism … Continue reading Division and Examination

A Loss for Words…

Hi friends! My name is Angelica Anderson (That's me in the pic below!) and I am a junior at Concordia College majoring in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics and minoring in Environmental Studies. While I spend a lot of time on our beautiful campus, right now, I am enjoying the High Impact Leadership Training (HILT) trip … Continue reading A Loss for Words…

Experience: Detroit

I'm Jessica Sauvageau, a senior graduating with Health, Global Studies, and Sociology majors. I went on the HILT about sustainable agriculture to California in 2015. I found it to be an amzing learning experience and chose to attend another for the last Spring break of my college career. Detroit is a city deep in history. It … Continue reading Experience: Detroit

Heidelberg Project to Midtown

Hello, everyone! I'm Olivia Lepage, a sophomore at Concordia College majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Film Studies. As a Detroit native, as soon as I heard about this High Impact Leadership Trip I was completely interested from the beginning. I decided to apply because the trip is about environmental justice, racism, and … Continue reading Heidelberg Project to Midtown